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Best Practices for Shared Mailboxes – Individual vs. Resource

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Article Number : KB0010989
Published on : 2020-03-04
Last modified : 2020-03-04 16:06:16
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

There are two basic categories of Office 365 mailboxes used by the University:

  • Individual mailbox (assigned to a specific person)
  • Resource mailbox (assigned to a department or other group)
    • Can represent a department (e.g. ITS Service Desk)
    • Can represent a project or program (e.g. Bevo Party Planning)
    • Can represent a resource (e.g. to allow people to reserve meeting rooms)

Individual mailboxes are typically created automatically or by the mailbox owner. See How Do I Create an Office 365 Mailbox? for more information.

Because EIDs are intended to represent actual people, this is not the preferred method for creating shared mailboxes. To create a shared account, contact the Service Desk with the following information:

  • Display name and preferred email address of the account
  • Names and EIDs of the users who will have access to the account
  • Intended use of the mailbox (room reservations, shared calendar, shared mailbox, etc.)
  • Any requests for special calendaring options (e.g. automatic acceptance of calendar invitations and allowance of conflicting meetings)

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