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UT Online EID Upgrade Application Guidelines

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Article Number : KB0018573
Published on : 2024-05-16
Last modified : 2024-05-16 15:15:52
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

The Online EID Upgrade application enables UT Austin students, faculty, staff, retirees, and sponsored affiliates to obtain their permanent EID upgrade completely online. If you have questions about whether you need an upgraded EID, please review the article "Upgrading a UT EID".


Upgrade My EID



If any of the following apply, you WILL NOT be able to complete an EID Upgrade online:


Please contact or visit the visit the ID Center in-person if you need an EID upgrade and are unable to complete the online process.



How to use the Online EID Upgrade application

The ID Center highly recommends completing the Online EID Upgrade process in bright natural light with a mobile device. The following browsers are supported for mobile devices:

  • Safari on iOS
  • Chrome or Samsung Internet on Android

If you have any questions or run into issues, please contact the ID Center. The Online EID Upgrade application will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Click the "Upgrade My EID" button below to begin the Online EID Upgrade process.
  2. Log in with your EID and password.
  3. Approve the multi-factor authentication request (DUO), if prompted.
  4. On the "Begin" screen, click "Start the EID Upgrade Process".
    • You will be transferred to Jumio's Netverify application.
  5. Click "Start" to begin the identity verification process and have your ID ready.
  6. Select the Country that issued your valid government issued ID.
  7. Select which type of ID you are presenting (Passport, Driver's License, ID Card).
    • This step will verify that the document is authentic and valid.
  8. Select "Take Photo", "Upload File", or "Prefer to use your mobile?"
    • If you are on a computer and choose to continue the process on your mobile, scan the QR code on the screen to switch to your mobile device.
    • If you upload an image, it must be recent, in color, and saved in the format JPG, JPEG or PNG.
  9. Depending on the ID Type chosen, take photos of the the ID as directed.
  10. Continue with the face verification process.
    • This step includes a similarity and liveness check that your face matches the photo in the ID you presented.
  11. Wait on the "Verify" screen for your results to come back (usually a few seconds to a minute).
  12. Once complete, the application will return a pass or fail along with any information on the reason for a failure
  13. You will be returned to the ID Verification Dashboard to await the results of whether you passed ID Verification step.
    • If you fail this step you will be presented with reasons why and you may contact the ID Center for assistance.
  14. If you pass, you will be proceed to the "Acknowledge" screen to accept the EID Upgrade Agreement.
  15. Click on the "Electronic ID Agreement" link to read it and then click the "I Agree" button complete the process and upgrade your EID.
  16. You will be returned to the ID Verification Dashboard with the message "Your EID has been successfully upgraded!".
  17. You may now close the browser window.
  18. If you would like a UT ID Card, you may submit your photo online



Before starting the Online EID Upgrade process, ensure that you have your valid, non-expired, government issued ID available.

The most common ID types accepted include a U.S. state driver license or ID, U.S. or foreign passport, or a U.S. military ID card. The online EID upgrade process will not accept a paper renewal/replacement receipt or a temporary driver license/ID card.


Upgrade My EID

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