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How Do I Create An Office 365 Mailbox?

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Article Number : KB0017196
Published on : 2023-07-03
Last modified : 2023-07-03 17:12:19
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Mailbox Eligibility

Office 365 mailboxes are available for: 

  • UT Austin current and future employees (faculty and staff)
  • UT Austin current students
  • UT System current employees 
  • UT Austin official visitors and affiliated workers 
  • EIDs with the mailbox entitlement (EML) 

Mailbox Creation

Office 365 mailboxes can be created in two ways: 

  1.  For UT Austin current and future employees (faculty and staff) as well as current students, a mailbox will be created by an automated process.  Automated mailbox creation also occurs for accounts marked with the mailbox entitlement (EML). 

  2. For all others who are eligible for an Office 365 mailbox, a mailbox may be created manually by visiting the Office 365 Management web application. 

Automated mailbox creation occurs once daily.  After a mailbox has been fully provisionedmessage is sent to the official email address associated with the mailbox owner's EID.  Another email message is sent to the mailbox owner's manager, if there is one, as reflected in Workday.  The provisioning process may take up to one hour.

Creating a Mailbox with Office 365 Management

  1. Log in to the Office 365 Management web application with your EID. If you do not yet have a mailbox, you will be presented with the Create My Mailbox page.  If a mailbox has already been created for you, you will see details about the mailbox.
  2. Enter your desired display name in the Display Name box. 
  3. Enter your desired email address in the Primary Address field. 
  4. Click Submit. 


If you have entered an email address which is already in use or is invalid, you will be presented with an opportunity to select another address. 


After a mailbox has been created, additional steps need to occur for full provisioning.  That process may take up to one hour.  You will receive an email message when provisioning has been completed, to the official email address associated with your EID.


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