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Administrative and Business

Administrative and Business

Facilities Management
Data, Reporting, and Analytics
Data, Reporting, and Analytics Cleaning, Transforming, and Modeling Data for Business Decisions Self Help
Medical and Health Systems
UTHA Applications UT Health Austin Application Support Self Help
Alumni and Advancement
Texas Development Service Desk Texas Development Service Desk - VIP and Eloqua Support Self Help
Business Capability and Process Automation
Enterprise Content Management Capture, store, and organize any type of data Self Help
jEdit-DMG Plugin Plugin to jEdit that allows access to UTDirect application source Self Help
Managed File Transfer (Stonebranch) Managed File Transfer Service (JScape / UDM Gateway) Self Help
PDAParser Generates code in several different programming languages to access PDA of Natural modules Self Help
PDFGenerator Web service to generate PDF docs with values retrieved from Natural programs Self Help
Workload Automation (Stonebranch) Enterprise orchestration provides workload automation Self Help
Financial and Procurement Systems
Business Service Office - Jackson School of Geoscience Jackson School of Geoscience Business Service Office Support Self Help
Financial Accounting and Reporting Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) Requests Self Help
Mechanical Engineering (PO Requests) Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering Purchase Order Requests Self Help
Auxiliary Systems
Campus Computer Store Hardware/software sales and services Self Help
WWH Common Spaces Requests such as WWH gym access and WWH Commons event reservation Self Help
Human Resource Systems
CAEE Human Resources Support Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering HR Support Self Help