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Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

The university has implemented a two-factor authentication system to provide an additional level of security when using sensitive online services. Currently, the university is using a tool called Duo. Duo provides a user-friendly and secure two-factor authentication solution. With two-factor authentication, the regular UT EID login process is enhanced with an additional authentication step.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Two-factor authentication provides an additional level of security for university applications by adding a second factor of authentication to the regular EID password authentication step.

    Available to:Students,Faculty and Staff

    Enhances the security of your personal information held within university systems (for example, paycheck bank routing information) by combating password fraud.

    Compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and other mobile devices, eliminating the need for a separate one-time password key fob or other device.


    The two-factor authentication service is available at no cost to faculty, staff, and students.

    Service Level Objectives

    Key Metrics

    Availability is dependent on the service used for two-factor authentication:

    Please note that this SLO is dependent on other campus SLOs and is adjusted as those change.

    This document defines the service level agreement for the EID-based Two-Factor Authentication system.

    Service description
    Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional level of security for university applications by adding a second factor of authentication to the regular EID password authentication step.

    Intended users
    Two-Factor Authentication can be used by UT EID holders that have upgraded UT EIDs.

    Campus departments or organizations can integrate Two-Factor Authentication with their applications when those applications require an enhanced level of authentication security.

    Supported computing environment
    In order to use Two-Factor Authentication, an EID holder must have a compatible smartphone or tablet, or a mobile phone capable of sending and receiving text (SMS) messages.

    Technical support
    Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support is available during normal business hours. Routine requests are typically addressed within one business day.

    Tier 1
    End users should start with Tier 1 technical support. Any user can call the UT Service Desk at 512-475-9400.

    Tier 2
    Departmental support staff and the UT Service Desk may escalate issues to the Two-Factor Authentication team. Customers referred to the Two-Factor Authentication team will be contacted within one business day.

    ITS will notify customers about both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, as well as service availability and delivery issues, using the Alerts and Outages page. Services may not be available during maintenance periods.

    Scheduled maintenance may occur at the following times:

    • Thursdays between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM
    • Fridays between 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM
    • Sundays between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM

    To the maximum extent possible the installation of service, application, and security updates will be performed during scheduled maintenance periods.

    Unscheduled maintenance tasks that require service downtime will be announced as soon as possible on the Alerts and Outages page.

    Change notification: ITS will notify customers of service availability and service delivery issues for Two-Factor Authentication using the Alerts and Outages page.

    User responsibilities
    Subscribers (users) of the service and identified owners/administrators agree to be aware of and adhere to the university's Acceptable Use Policy for University Employees and the university's Acceptable Use Policy for University Students, as applicable.