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UTBackup provides an enterprise-level, cloud-based, automated end-point backup solution for the UT Austin campus. For end users, UTBackup assures peace of mind that their data is being backed up safely and securely. For computer administrators, UTBackup allows for greater data security and integrity, and reduced technical support and infrastructure costs. UTBackup is available for current UT faculty and staff who have departmental technical support.


Please send questions about UTBackup to the ITS UTBackup team at:

  • UTBackup

    UTBackup is a CrashPlan cloud based data backup service for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.

    Available to:Faculty and Staff
    • Cross-platform: UTBackup supports Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop and laptop platforms. UTBackup is not a server or mobile device backup solution.
    • Provides limited open file backup support.
    • Every campus department using UTBackup has a UTBackup TSC; that TSC is the first line of support for end users.
    • Allows for data restoration from any computer with a network connection and internet browser.
    • Unlimited data and unlimited bandwidth for archives.
    • Devices must talk to the cloud at least every six months to remain active.
    • All data storage and authentication is cloud based.

    UT Austin faculty and staff may use UTBackup services at no cost, subject to the following terms:

    • Faculty and staff subsidy applies only to ITS UTBackup services which shall be administered by departmental Information Technology support staff.
    • UTBackup software licensing and maintenance is provided for faculty and staff computers used for university business.
    • General support is provided by the ITS Service Desk in addition to the support provided by departmental IT support staff.
    Service Level Objectives

    Key Metrics

    • Availability: 99.9%
    • Service Request Response: 1 Business Day



    This document defines the service level agreement (SLA) and standard operational procedures (SOP) for the UTBackup Service provided by Information Technology Services (ITS). It also describes the rights and responsibilities of any University of Texas at Austin unit that obtains this service from ITS (Customer).


    Service Description

    The UTBackup service provides current University of Texas at Austin faculty and staff a simple, secure, no-cost, and reliable way to incrementally backup their University owned laptop or desktop workstations. Once installed, UTBackup works quietly in the background so that users can continue to do their work without interruption. While departmental technical support contacts (TSCs) are responsible for managing the service and providing tier 1 support, users have the independence and ability to easily restore files on their own as needed. UTBackup is based on the CrashPlan Cloud Enterprise service.

    NOTE: UTBackup was selected as the name for the service and will be used consistently to refer to the CrashPlan implementation at the University.


    Intended Use

    The UTBackup service is intended to serve current University of Texas at Austin faculty and staff as a simple, secure, no-cost, and reliable way to incrementally backup their University owned laptop or desktop workstations.


    Supported Computing Environments

    Technical Support

    Tier 1 support issues will be handled by departmental TSCs. If necessary, support requests can be escalated through the UT Service Desk for assistance. Routine requests are typically handled within one business day.

    Billing and Accounting

    Users of the UTBackup service will not be billed for use of the service. Storage use reports are available through the UTBackup management console via your UTBackup departmental TSC.

    Termination or Modification of Service

    User accounts and devices may be deactivated by departmental TSCs.

    Standard Maintenance of Service

    The UTBackup service is a cloud service and therefore subject to the maintenance schedule of CrashPlan.  CrashPlan status site.

    Customer Responsibilities

    • Customers must maintain accurate records for UTBackup organization owner contact information. This includes all primary and secondary contacts for each top level UTBackup customer organization.
    • Customers are responsible for all usage and activity that occurs within their UTBackup organization structure.
    • Customers must be aware of and adhere to the University Acceptable Use Policy
    • Customers must be aware of and adhere to the University Data Classification Standard
    • Customers of the UTBackup service are subject to Information Resources Use and Security Policy guidelines for data security.
    • Customers, where applicable, will provide ITS custom code used to automate tasks (application deployment, user account creation, etc.) in their UTBackup deployments. 
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