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Changes to MATLAB License Management

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Article Number : KB0019371
Published on : 2023-09-01
Last modified : 2023-09-01 16:09:40
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

MATLAB release R2023b includes some useful updates to underlying license management software:


  • New users will continue to link to their license through the portal provided by MathWorks.
  • Users who install “Individual” MATLAB licenses on their own laptops or other computers will have their licenses refresh automatically every year when the Campus-Wide License renews, no longer requiring manual intervention
  • Users on “Concurrent” (network) licenses may be better served by moving to “Individual” licenses, which gives them access to MATLAB Online and the Online Training Suite and allows them to work off-network or in places with poor network connections
  • “Designated Computer” or “Concurrent” licenses in computer labs or on classroom computers, should switch to “Individual” licenses. This allows users to sign in with their MathWorks Accounts just like on their own computer and provides access to features such as MATLAB Online and the Online Training Suite

Unifying MATLAB installations to “Individual” licenses will simplify your overall administration

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