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Pantheon Supporting Workspaces (formerly "Supporting Organizations")

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Article Number : KB0019217
Published on : 2024-01-25
Last modified : 2024-01-25 16:49:41
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

CSUs managing one or more sites on Pantheon may choose to take advantage of their "supporting workspace" functionality.

Pantheon supporting workspaces offer the following benefits:

  • Dedicated "worskspace dashboard" for all sites belonging to a CSU
  • Workspace-level user management to streamline access management for all developers in a CSU to all of the sites under the workspace.
  • Access to all Pantheon support options available under the University's support contract
    • Support ticket creation from the Pantheon Dashboard
    • "Pantheon On-Call" option to immediately escalate time sensitive and business critical issues and get the fastest support from on-call engineers.
    • Support chat from the Pantheon Dashboard (available without the use of supporting workspaces)

NOTE: When creating a new site through the Pantheon dashboard, the owning workspace for that site must be set to "University of Texas at Austin" in order to leverage UT Austin's discounted hosting plan rates and centrally-supported custom upstreams (UT Drupal Kit, WordPress for Texas). Attempting to create a new site using a supporting workspace will result in an error.

Requesting a new supporting workspace

To request a new supporting workspace, email to open a ticket, and include the following information:

  • Name of CSU
  • List of EIDs for users to be initially set as administrators of the workspace
  • List of sites to be initially added to the workspace

ITS staff will respond with the name of your supporting workspace once it has been created. Supporting workspace names are formatted as "UTexas - {CSU NAME OR ABBREVIATION}" (e.g. "UTexas - ITS").

Adding an existing site to a supporting workspace

To add a new or existing site to a supporting workspace, go to the "Team" tab on the site dashboard, click on the "Add Supporting Workspace" link, and search for the supporting workspace name using the exact name.

Team management in supporting workspaces

Administrators of a supporting workspace are able to manage users and roles within their own workspace. Documentation and explanation of Pantheon's roles is available at

NOTE: Any user added to a supporting workspace with the "Developer," "Team Member," or "Administrator" roles will have write access to ALL sites within that workspace.

Go-live requests for sites which are part of a supporting workspace

In order to fulfill a go-live request for a Sandbox site which is already part of a supporting workspace, ITS staff may need to temporarily remove the supporting workspace and then re-add it after the paid site plan has been added.

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