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Microsoft Teams Phone Calling Service

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Article Number : KB0018666
Published on : 2022-03-03
Last modified : 2022-03-03 21:36:55
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Table of Contents


Requesting MS Teams Phone

How to use Microsoft Teams Calling Feature

Getting to Teams Calling


What is Microsoft Teams Phone Service

Microsoft Teams Phone may be activated for Basic and Business phone subscribers to assist with flexible/remote work starting 8/1/2021.

By adding MS Teams Phone service to Basic or Business VoIP subscriptions, users will be able to place and receive calls to and from their UT telephone numbers through MS Teams software installed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.  Read more about the pre-requisites and changes to the subscribers voice service by clicking this "Microsoft Teams Phone Service Wiki Link"

There are no additional charges for MS Teams Phone at this time.

Bria Enterprise Soft Client discontinued

The MS Teams Phone service replaces the Bria Soft Client.  Bria Soft Client service will be discontinued by December 24th 2021.   Current Bria Soft Client users will be contacted to transition to MS Teams Phone service.

Eligibility Information

  • Microsoft Teams Phone Service is available to all current employees/faculty/staff with an assigned VOIP number.
  • At this time Microsoft Teams phone service cannot be requested for a shared phone line.
  • If a currently affiliated user would like to request the Service, they will need to request a phone number assignment through the MS Teams Phone request form. 

Features not available at the time of launch for this service

  • Shared lines and shared line appearances
  • Busy line indications from legacy phone system
  • Advanced call routing and queuing
  • Call park
  • Call pickup groups
  • Call grabber
  • Dedicated phone hardware sets

MS Teams Phone Service and E911 dialing

Place e911 calls from your cell phone, UT VoIP desk phone set, or other landline. Placing an Emergency Call (E911) using MS Teams Phone Service may not automatically provide your location information, and you may need to provide it to the E911 operator

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Requesting MS Teams Phone

Pre-requisites to add MS Teams Phone service:

  • Basic or Business Voice subscription (existing or new subscription).
  • A unique UT EID to UT Telephone number mapping is required. 
  • Telephone numbers may not be shared between users or groups.
  • A working MS Teams client on desired device (along with microphone and speakers).
  • A Microsoft Office A5 license (something we'll check for you – most faculty and staff have an A5 license assigned.  This requires a Microsoft Exchange email account)

Microsoft Teams Phone Service Request via MS Forms

Please click this "Microsoft Forms link" to go to the form. 

  1. If you want to associate an existing non-shared UT Number please click “Yes”
  2. Enter your 10 digit UT Phone number (non-shared)
  3. Enter in the UT EID you want added to the MS Teams Phone Service
  4. Bullet "Yes I understand" after reading the detailed information regarding placing e911 calls
  5. Click Submit 


         6.  You will receive a confirmation email  from "" once your submission has been processed:   


If you need a new number assigned:

  1. If you do not want to associate an existing non-shared UT number with an UT EID, select “No”.
  2. Enter the UT EID you want to add MS Teams Phone Service
  3. Bullet "Yes I understand" after reading the detailed information regarding placing e911 calls
  4. Click Submit 

          5.  You will receive a confirmation email  from "" once your submission has been processed with further instructions:

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How to use Microsoft Teams Calling feature

Answering Calls In Microsoft Teams:


Answering Calls on the Desktop Teams Application

  • Select Accept with audio Calls button to answer with audio only
  • Select Accept with video Video call button to accept the call and enable video as well.

  • Select Decline call red phone to decline the call and go on with your day.


Answering Calls on the Mobile Teams Application

  • When a call comes in to Teams, a notification pops up, letting you know. Tap Answer Calls button (the blue one!) to start talking.

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Getting to Teams Calling

Teams Calls Via Local Client

1. Sign in and get started with Teams

2. Once logged into Microsoft Teams, click on "Calls".

Teams Calls Via Web Client

1. In your web browser, go to and click “Office 365 Portal”

2. Log in with your EID and EID password or UT Office 365 email and EID password and authenticate with Duo. You may be asked if you want to "Stay signed in", you can choose yes or no.

3. Locate the Teams icon on the left side of the screen or choose "All Apps" in the bottom left and then choose Teams from the list on the next page.

4. Once logged into Microsoft Teams, click on "Calls"

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