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I receive "Error: Stale Request" when clicking on a link in a Microsoft product

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Article Number : KB0018269
Published on : 2021-06-08
Last modified : 2021-06-08 16:45:49
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

If you click on a link in your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or other Microsoft Office document which takes you to a web page which is protected by Enterprise Authentication, you may wind up on the Error: Stale Request page.

Microsoft has made available a troubleshooting article regarding this issue, however please note that the workaround presented is highly technical and involves the editing of registry keys.

To avoid this issue, our recommendation is to modify your workflow: copy the link from your document, open a web browser, and paste the link into your address bar.

Additionally, you can share documents as Adobe PDFs. PDFs support clickable links but do not have this issue.

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