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Manager-specific Options in Group Email (Emma)

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Article Number : KB0017580
Published on : 2021-12-07
Last modified : 2021-12-07 21:44:40
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Manager Specific Options in Group Email

Only Managers can use the HQ Menu (top gray nav) and have the Audience tab in the burnt orange menu.  If you are a Manager and do not have these options, please contact the Group Email stewards.

Approve Author-edited Message

View the Approve Author-Edited Message article here:

Review Contacts


(1)  Choose a subaccount using HQ subaccount search on left edge of top gray nav bar

(2)  Choose “Audience” from the burnt orange Personal nav bar

(3)  “Contacts” is the default page

(5)  One contact search:  Use Search bar in page body

(6)  All contact list:  Can export list of active contacts (or error contacts or opt-out-contacts or all contacts) using “Export” button

(7)  Analyze contacts:  Using “Column Display”, you can temporarily display Emma field values

Review Authors for a Subaccount

(1) Select correct Subaccount from the Subaccount Search

(2) Click on Admin Menu

(3) Select Users from the drop down menu

(4) All Authors for the subaccount should be visible.

Review Managers for a Subaccount 

(1) Click on HQ Menu

(2) Select Users from the drop down menu

(3) Note dropdown menu set on "All Subaccounts", top left of page content

(4) Choose subaccount name to be reviewed from dropdown

(5) Users become limited to subaccount and are categorized by Author, Manager, or Parent


*  Subaccount order in dropdown menu is by most recently created, not alphabetical.

Remove an Author from Subaccount

(1) Select correct Subaccount from the Subaccount Search

(2) Click on the Admin menu

(3) Select User from the drop down menu

(4) Find Institutional Identifier (<eid> of Author you wish to remove and click on that link

(5) Click on Edit Subaccount Access at bottom of page

(6) Uncheck the correct Subaccount to be removed

(7) Save the change

Remove a Manager

Submit a ticket by visiting:

Create Segment

Create Group

(1) Choose subaccount from HQ subaccount search

(2) Choose “Audience” from Personal nav bar

(3) Click on Groups from black left nav

(4) Click on “Create a Group” button

(5) Add group name and press CREATE.  (Please note:  Emma does not enforce group name uniqueness.)

(6) Click on Contacts from black left nav

(7) Add check to those contacts you want to be in the new group

(8) Under “Actions”, choose Add to group(s). A window will appear allowing you to specify which group you’ll be adding the contacts to.

Once you select Add you will see a confirmation message:

(9) If you need more contacts in this group, return to Groups

(10) At created group, choose down arrow drop down and choose “Open”

(11) If there are additional contacts you need in the group who are not already contacts in the subaccount, click “Add Contact”.  Fill in information and click “Save and Close” button.  Please always remember to add only with the IID format, <eid>


*  If the subaccount is updated dynamically, any contacts who are not in the subaccount will be removed when the updates are run (generally overnight).

*  Only email addresses in the group as of the scheduled or send time will receive messages sent to it.

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