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(Stonebranch) How to Create Bundles and Promote

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Article Number : KB0017440
Published on : 2020-01-13
Last modified : 2020-01-13 19:31:48
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


Stonebranch tasks move from environment to environment via the bundling and promotion process. Consumers with promotion privileges will be able to create/promote the bundles as often as they want in DEV/QUAL/PROD. 

Creating your Bundle

(1.)  Name your bundle with Naming convention: <business service>_BND_<freeform>


(2.) Select a Default Promotion Target

(3.) Select the 'Promote Bundle Definition'  Do Not Select 'Follow References', if you accidentally do and promote please contact

(4.) The 'Promote Members of Business Service' will promote ALL objects in the business area, so unless you want to promote everything belonging to your group don't select this. You tie it to your business service in the Business Services section.

(5.) Press Save

(7.) Add all items you want to your bundle. Only add items from your business service to your bundle, you can only promote items from your area. 

If you have objects like Variables or Tasks that are common to a lot of your processes consider making a bundle just for common objects: Like: EIS103_bundle_common

Bundling Objects that are not associated with any particular task

  • Category Includes
    • Business Services
    • Credentials
    • Global variables
    • E-mail connections
    • E-mail templates
    • Calendars
  • Consider creating a separate bundle of these objects for the entire Business Service:  business service name_Bundle-COMMON
  • This practice insures that all valid credentials, for example, will be available in all environments
  • Eliminates redundant bundling.  You do not want your bundle to work only because someone else included an essential component in their own bundle

  • Failure to include the Business Service object in the bundle is a common cause of promotion failure



Bundling Objects Referencing One or More Specific Tasks can be tricky

  • For example, if you add a task name to a trigger, you need to promote the trigger object
  • If you make other changes to the trigger, like passing variables, other systems using it may not work correctly
  • It may become necessary to create dedicated triggers
  • Dummy tasks behave similarly with respect to setting variables

Promoting Your Bundle

 This example will show configurations for moving/promoting a Bundle from the Development Environment, DEV, to the Quality Assurance Environment, QUAL.  At this time, all other consumer environments are available as targets on all other environments, e.g. the PROD environment has two targets already configured, QUAL and DEV, QUAL has two, PROD and DEV, and DEV has two, QUAL and PROD to facilitate moving bundles wherever consumers need them to be.

  1. Once a Bundle has been created, in the bundle interface select the bundle being moved/promoted. Be sure to choose the correct Bundle. Applying a view filter on this page is beneficial.
  2. The Bundle target is chosen at creation time, verify it is correct.
  3. Either right click or choose the "Promote Bundle..." button from the action bar.

On the Promote Bundle... interface verify the Environment Target and provide credentials for connecting to the Target Environment.  You can optionally schedule promotions here for a one-time in the future occurrence.

In addition to the information on bundling and promoting in the official docs: there are a few pieces of information that our permissions set up requires you to have. 



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