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Stonebranch Automation with PyPE

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Article Number : KB0017426
Published on : 2020-01-14
Last modified : 2020-01-14 00:57:53
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

PyPE-deployed Django management commands can be executed from the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center.  Stonebranch is a workload automation tool used for scheduling processes and workstreams, analogous to Task Manager.

More information about Stonebranch is available oni:  Enterprise Orchestration - Stonebranch

If you and/or your organization haven't used Stonebranch before, you'll need to first contact to get your eid authorized and configured in Stonebranch.

Calling PyPE from Stonebranch

For connecting with PyPE, you basically need just 3 Stonebranch objects.

Credentials object

The Runtime User should be set to your <group>.<project>

The Runtime Password is unique each PyPE project and must be set up by the PyPE Admins.  If you already have a TaskMgr PyPE Batch step calling this project, the password can be found in the SYSIN details of the steps for that project. If not, request a password from the PyPE Admins.

If you will run multiple management commands from the same project, they can share the same Credentials object in Stonebranch.

Linux/Unix Task object

  1. The Agent should be set to
  2. Select your Credentials object.
  3. Set the Runtime Directory to 

Select Command or create Script Object:

If you are moving a TaskMgr step to Stonebranch, you'll basically specify what is in the SCRIPT1 details of your TaskMgr step, except you don't need the “cd” command at the top.

At a minimum you'll need the following in your script or command: 


. /usr/local/pype/

python <command_name>


Stonebranch Migrations

The Stonebranch tool has been configured so that when migrating Stonebranch projects (bundles) from Dev to QA to Prod, the Agent specified will be automatically switched from pype-test-01 to the appropriate PyPE qual and prod servers. 



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