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Auto Update Service

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Article Number : KB0017251
Published on : 2021-01-19
Last modified : 2021-01-19 16:58:12
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Auto Update Service

The CMS Hosting Platform (CHP) Auto Update service provides weekly updates for plugins/modules and site upstream. This service is available for ITS approved, WordPress and Drupal 7 sites (Drupal 8 is not currently supported).  In general, this includes sites that are not highly customized and do not have developer support outside of ITS.

You can opt in to Auto Updates when submitting your go live request.  The Fee associated with this service is $500/yr.

What happens:

  • Updates plugins/modules when available
  • Updates WordPress/Drupal core when upstream updates are available
  • Notifies the specified site developer when the update process fails for any of the following reasons
    • Un-deployed code in any of the environments
    • Un-committed code in the DEV environment
    • PHP fatal error is detected after applying updates in the multi-dev environment
  • Deploys updates to TEST or LIVE (this decision can be made by site owner/developer)
  • Notifies site owner and developer when updates are deployed to LIVE
  • Notifies site developer if updates are set to only deploy through the TEST environment

What does not happen:

  • Update premium (paid) plugins/modules
  • Update plugins/modules that are included as part of one of the UT custom upstreams (WordPress for Texas and UT Drupal Kit) outside of an upstream update
  • Update WordPress/Drupal themes




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