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Using Outlook Desktop and other clients with UTmail two-step verification enabled

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Article Number : KB0017148
Published on : 2018-10-15
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:24
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

With two-step verification enabled, you will need to use a generated application password with Outlook desktop and other email clients or applications that do not support two-step verification.

  1. Generate an application password, select an application and device that makes sense for your purpose (Example: Mail > Windows Computer)
  2. Copy the application password
  3. Open Outlook and go to File > Account Settings and from then select Account Settings...
  4. In the Add Account window, select E-mail account, click next, and select "Manual Setup or additional server types. Click Pop or IMAP and click next
  5. In the Pop/IMAP settings window:
    1. Enter your name (this will appear in the "from" field of outgoing messages
    2. enter your UTmail address
    3. In Account Type select IMAP
    4. click More Settings
    5. In the Incoming mail server field, enter
    6. In the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field, enter
    7. If not already filled, enter your UTmail address in the Username field
    8. In the password field paste the application password generated by Google
    9. Click More Settings...
  6. In the Internet E-mail settings window, under the Outgoing Server Tab
    1. Select my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
    2. Make sure use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected
  7. Under Advanced tab
    1. For the Incoming Server select SSL from the drop down and enter 993 in the field
    2. For the Outgoing Server select TLS from the drop down and enter 587 in the field
    3. Click OK
  8. Click Next after all settings have been configured and Outlook will test your settings, this may take a few moments
  9. Click Close and Finish




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