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How Do I Merge (formerly Cross-List) My Canvas Course Sections?

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Article Number : KB0016790
Published on : 2019-07-16
Last modified : 2019-07-16 13:06:28
Knowledge Base : Canvas Knowledge Base


How Do I Merge (formerly Cross-List) My Canvas Course Sections?



The Merge Courses tool allows the instructor of record to combine section enrollments from individual courses into one Primary course. This feature is especially helpful for instructors who teach several sections of the same and want to manage all course data in one location.

What the Instructor Can Expect...

  • Will only see primary section in Canvas
  • Can filter our individual sections in the gradebook
  • Can assign TAs as graders for specific sections only
  • Can designate different assignment due dates for individual sections
  • Can configure student groups to be created within sections

What Students Can Expect...

  • Students will see the primary section only (even if they are registered for a different section) Note: students will always remain in their original sections behind-the-scenes
  • Seamless integration between original section and primary section  

Merging sections should be done at the beginning of the semester or while the courses are unpublished. Once sections have been merged, you will lose access to content, student assignment submissions and grades in the secondary section(s).



This article covers:

  • Steps for Manually Combining Canvas Course Sections
  • Further Tips and Best Practices
  • Renaming Your Primary Course
  • De-Cross-Listing a Course

Steps for Manually Combining Canvas Course Sections

  1. The Merge Courses App is located on the Canvas Log In page:, in the upper right corner under "Merge Courses." Log in using your UT EID and password and select "Authorize" to give you access to the Concrete Cross-listing app.
  2. Once in the Cross-listing Manager, select the primary course from the available list.
  3. You can decide whether or not to Isolate sections by checking the box. This will isolate your merged sections so that the students in different sections cannot see or contact one another anywhere in Canvas.
  4. Select a Secondary Course(s)/Sections(s) by checking the box or boxes of the sections that you wish to be the secondary section(s) for that primary course. Click “Save changes” when finished.
  5. Review your request to make sure that you have selected the correct primary course and the correct secondary course(s) or section(s).
    • Cross-listed sections will appear in Canvas immediately.
    • If the secondary courses are incorrect, you can click the Un-cross-list this button to undo your selections.


Further Tips and Best Practices

Despite appearing as a single course, you will still be able to distinguish course sections in People and Grades. You can also:

Set Assignment Due Dates by Section
Filter the Gradebook by Section
Email Each Section Separately
Post an Announcement to Separate Sections


Renaming Your Primary Course

You can rename your course by going to Settings > Course Details tab > edit Name and Course Code (breadcrumb top left). Click the Update Course Details button at the bottom of the page to save your edits.


Un-Cross-Listing a Course

If you need to unmerge or un-cross-list your sections, you can return to the Merge Courses tool and click the Un-cross-list this button for each applicable section.


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