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UT Lists - Service Upgrade

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Article Number : KB0016573
Published on : 2018-03-13
Last modified : 2018-03-13 18:36:51
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

The UT Lists service administrators will upgrading the underlying infrastructure of the UT Lists service, to bring the software and operations of the service up to date from version 5.2.4 to 6.2.24. During the upgrade period mailing list message delivery will be suspended.  

The upgrade was scheduled for March 24 but has been postponed. The service team has reviewed the status of the technical requirements still to be completed and recommended rescheduling the upgrade for a later date after the end of the semester. The new upgrade date will be communicated once it is finalized.

Important Dates

Top New Features/Changes

  • New, responsive look and feel
  • Workarounds for DMARC-related bounces from services such as Yahoo
  • List activity logs for list owners
  • Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Updated service platform

What Remains the Same

Every effort is being made to make the service upgrade as transparent as possible.

  • Mailing list names, subscriptions, ownerships and archives will not change
  • All current mailing list data will be migrated to the new service environment
  • No action is required from mailing list owners and subscribers

Enhancements for all Users

  • New, responsive look and feel
  • More secure, Web-based password reset process
  • Passwords may be longer than 8 characters

Enhancements for List Owners/Moderators

  • Decreased amount of legitimate messages that are bounced; DMARC workarounds allow for better handling of bounces created by external DMARC-based mail security policies
  • List owners can view logs of mailing list activity, including subscriptions, bounce handling, and message distributions
  • List moderators can now moderate messages via the web interface, in addition to the existing mail interface moderation
  • Ability to store more archived messages; 1GB list archive quota (previous quota 250 MB)
  • Mail personalization: Documentation

 Bug Fixes

  • The subscriber dump command now shows all subscribers instead of only the first page


Q: Why are you performing this upgrade?

A: To incorporate the latest version of Sympa software into the UT Lists environment, and to improve service operations by using a more modern infrastructure.

Q: Can I get the familiar left side menu back? Where is the list of lists?

A: As part of the new look and feel, some interface items have been moved or renamed. To access your list of lists, click on the menu button at the top right and select the item labeled "My Lists".

Q: I see some new Sympa features in the detailed feature list are not yet enabled in the upgraded UT Lists environment. Why?

A: We are focusing on providing a stable and successful upgrade for the existing UT Lists service first.  New Sympa 6.2 features that may be enabled at a future date depending on user demand, security evaluation, resource constraints and governance review include:

  • Member pictures
  • HTML mail composer 

New Look and Feel Examples

Additional Documentation

Detailed Sympa Feature List

Sympa Project Site


Please contact the UT Service Desk online at or by calling 512-475-9400

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