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Obtaining a Mainframe User ID (Account)

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Article Number : KB0015734
Published on : 2019-01-24
Last modified : 2019-01-26 00:55:47
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

 Your department must create a Mainframe Account (USER ID) for you before you can access and use Mainframe applications. To determine if you already have a USER ID or to request one, speak with your supervisor or contact the UT Service Desk.


 UT Service Desk 475-9400 (Hours)


 Mainframe Accounts (User ID)


Each USER ID is 4 - 5 characters in length and is associated with one user via the users EID. The first two characters of the USER ID are the Mainframe Department Prefix that has been associated with the department that is sponsoring the account. Each USER ID is defined within COM-PLETE, which provides the avenue the account will use when accessing the Mainframe. The type of authentication used to access the Mainframe will depend on the COM-PLETE the USER ID is defined in. That decision is made by your department at the time of account creation. A USER ID can be defined in multiple COM-PLETEs. There are currently three COM-PLETEs in use:

  1. Students - designated by the st prefix
  2. Fiscal - designated by the fi prefix
  3. Develop - designated by the de prefix

The Students and Fiscal COM-PLETES are available for use by all Mainframe USER IDs. The Develop COM-PLETE is reserved for use by Developers/Programmers and Mainframe Administrative staff.


There are two types of Authentication used to access the Mainframe:

  1. EID
  2. RACF

EID Authentication is used when accessing the Mainframe via either the Students or Fiscal COM-PLETE.

RACF Authentication is used when accessing the Mainframe via the Develop COM-PLETE.

Each COM-PLETE has a default COM-PASS screen.


For assistance, refer to the links on this page, speak with one of your Mainframe Departmental Contacts or call the UT Service Desk. Note: If you do not currently have a Mainframe USER ID, there will be no Mainframe Contacts associated with your EID.


UT Service Desk 475-9400 (Hours)





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