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The basics for Adobe Connect

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Article Number : KB0014445
Published on : 2019-09-30
Last modified : 2019-09-30 12:07:17
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

The Basics (please work your way down from the top)

Run the Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test

Purpose: Ensures that your machine is up to date with the correct plug-ins


Register to become a Meeting Host

Purpose: Special permission are required to create meeting rooms in Adobe Connect, this will allow you to self-register to obtain those permissions

Step 1. Visit this site - Adobe Connect Meeting Host Registration
Step 2. Login with your EID and its password
Step 3. Click 'Register Now'
Step 4. Verify or input your preferred email address and click 'Register'
Step 5. You will be redirected to the Registration Status and it should state that you're registered and you will also receive a verification email

Create a meeting room

Purpose: The heart of Adobe Connect, this is where the web collaboration takes place and each meeting room has a unique web address

Step 1. Visit the Adobe Connect Admin Portal
Step 2. Login with your EID and its password
Step 3. Find the blue button "+ Create" and click the Meeting button after it
Step 4. Input a name for the meeting and a custom URL (*skip the summary, start time, duration, start template, language, access, and engagement tracking)
Step 5. Scroll down to the Audio Conference Settings and select 'Do not include any audio conference with this meeting'
Step 6. Click 'Finish'
Step 7. You will be presented with your meeting information, once there click the Enter Meeting Room button

Share a document

Purpose: Adobe Connect provides you the ability to present certain types of documents inside of your meeting room (types of compatible formats for the 'Share Document' feature: *.ppt, *.pptx, *.flv, *.swf, *.pdf, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.mp3, *.html, *.mp4, *.f4v or *.zip.)

Step 1. Download this PDF - Adobe Connect Visual Quick Start Guide
Step 2. Open your meeting room by its URL or by logging into the Adobe Connect Admin Portal -> Meetings tab -> click on your meeting room name that you created from the last section
Step 3. In the default layout there is a Share Pod in the main section of the screen, click the drop down menu in the center and select 'Share Document'
Step 4. Click the Browse My Computer button and find the document you downloaded in step 1, select it and click 'Open'
Step 5. Wait for Adobe Connect to convert the file...then you will see the PDF loaded, ready to present

Share your screen

Purpose: This is handy if you are trying to present a document that isn't supported by the 'Share Document' feature such as an Excel spreadsheet, but also useful if you have anything on your desktop that you would like to share

Step 1. Click the Stop Sharing button in the upper right corner of the Share Pod
Step 2. Click 'Share My Screen'
Step 3. A new dialog window will open giving you the option of what to share, select one of your desktops and click 'Share'
Step 4. You will see your meeting room minimize into a small widget with a few controls in the lower right corner of your screen
Step 5. Click the switch to meeting room icon in the upper right corner of the widget
Step 6. Click 'Stop Sharing'

Add a camera and voice pod (built in webcam or external webcam is required for these steps, skip to the next section if you do not have a webcam)

Purpose: Allows you to provide visual of yourself and/or your attendees

Step 1. Click 'Pods' in the menu bar
Step 2. Click 'Camera and Voice'
Optional: Click 'Start My Webcam' and you'll see a preview (*in an actual meeting you would need to click 'Start Sharing' to go live)

Add a file share pod

Purpose: If you have any documents that you would like to make available for download that may not be presented in the meeting room

Step 1. Click 'Pods' in the menu bar
Step 2. Hover your mouse over Files, then click 'Add New File Share'
Step 3. Click the Upload File button and select the document in your 'Uploaded Files' named Using_Adobe_Connect' and click 'Ok'

Modify the existing layout

Purpose: One Adobe Connect customer (with a drama background) explains layouts like they are stages for a play...this allows you the ability to customize what's on screen and can provide you a way to organize your meeting (planning ahead helps utilize this feature)

Step 1. Click on the wrench and screwdriver icon in the lower right corner
Step 2. Resize your Share Pod to take up roughly 50% of your meeting room
Step 3. Resize your Camera and Voice and Files Pod to take up the remaining space
Step 4. Click on the wrench and screwdriver icon in the lower right corner
*Further training can be setup through our training partner Carahsoft, see KB0014521





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