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FAQ: I cannot make an international long distance call

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Article Number : KB0014286
Published on : 2017-10-25
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:16
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

First, ensure you are using the new dialing instructions (88 + auth code + * + 011 + intl. number).  Note that on the old phone system callers heard acknowledgement tones after pressing 8 and after entering the long distance authorization code.  On the new phone system there are no acknowledgement tones. After pressing 88 there is silence throughout the dialing process until the call connection is made.

If you are still unable to make an international call, contact ITS Business Services ( or 512-471-UTLD (8853)) to confirm that your authorization code is enabled in the new system and that your phone number is enabled to make international calls.

In most cases, if you had an international authorization code on the old analog telephone system, it will continue to work on the new VoIP system. A small number of users may find that old authorization codes no longer work, if the codes were assigned to callers who have since left the university.

Each telephone set from which international calls will be placed must be enabled to do so. Users are billed for all international call activity.

For those without international authorization codes, please fill out and submit either the International Long Distance Authorization Code Request form in either MS Word Interactive version or the PDF version and email to






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