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UDC Governance

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Article Number : KB0013390
Published on : 2023-03-06
Last modified : 2023-03-06 17:32:50
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Customer Advisory Board Charter

The University Data Center (UDC) Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is a standing IT governance subcommittee that provides the university with accountability and oversight of the University Data Center service.  The CAB:

  • Provides input on key operating issues, costs and rates, support for migration planning, anticipated impacts of usage policies on current and future customers, communication strategies, and other key issues that affect customers and stakeholders.
  • Helps ensure that customer needs are addressed in all decisions.
  • Monitors ongoing service delivery.
  • Provides input on new service offerings and future requirements.



The CAB will formally meet twice a year following the 12th class day of each long semester and may be polled on topics of interest for feedback/perspective by the UDC Director as needed throughout the year.


Committee Members

The CAB is comprised of six campus representatives; ITS Assistant Vice President; ITS Systems Director; University Data Center Director & Assistant Director; and committee support staff.

Chair: Bob Gloyd

Trice Humpert Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Services
John Lovelace Director, Data Centers & Office of Telecommunications Services
Michael Martell Assistant Director, Data Centers & Electronic Physical Security Systems
Chris Owen Director, ITS Campus Solutions
Bob Gloyd Cockrell School of Engineering
Tim Fackler College of Liberal Arts
Fred Gilmore University Libraries
Mark McFarland College of Natural Sciences
Roy Ruiz University Operations, TRECS
Aaron Wilson Data Center Operations Manager


Meeting Minutes:

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