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Frequently Asked Questions

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Published on : 2023-04-18
Last modified : 2023-04-18 15:30:57
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In January 2012, the University of Texas at Austin added a new policy on Video and CCTV Security Systems to the Handbook of Operating Procedures. Here are answers to some common questions about the new policy.



How do I determine the best security camera location?

You can contact UTPD Crime Prevention unit for a site survey and recommendation or you can contact Campus Security Systems staff at (512) 471-6131 who will also come out and conduct a site survey.


How do I get an estimate?

Please use the REQUEST SERVICE button on the Campus Security Systems (BACS) page and request an estimate.


What type of equipment Electronic Campus Security Services uses?

Please refer to Campus Security Systems Services and Electronic Physical Security System (EPSS) Replacement


My camera is not working, what do I do?

Please contact (512) 471-5711 to report the problem. A technician will be dispatched to assess the trouble. A REQUEST FOR SERVICE form will need to be completed to fix the problem. You will be billed for the labor and materials needed.


How do I register my cameras?

Please contact your local TSC who will be able to assist.


Where can I find the policy regarding video security?

Please see the Handbook of Operating Procedures to review the policy.


Additional Information

Who should I contact if I have questions?

For additional information, please send an email to We will respond to e-mail messages within 4 business hours.



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