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Copying with UT Print

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Article Number : KB0012286
Published on : 2024-04-01
Last modified : 2024-04-01 15:47:49
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Copying Instructions

  1. Place originals either in the top auto-feed (for regular paper) or on the lift-up deck (for thick items, photos, books).
  2. Scan ID on left-side of machine (or login with EID and password on touch screen).
  3. Press the Copy button (left of touch screen).
  4. To make more than one copy, use the keypad to the right to enter the desired amount. Verify that the correct number appears in the Quantity box.
  5. Press Start button (with blue light).
  6. After copy job is complete, press the F5 / Other Functions button to return to the Print window.
  7. Don’t forget to remove your originals and Logout!


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