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How do I set up two-factor authentication?

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Article Number : KB0011878
Published on : 2019-08-14
Last modified : 2019-08-14 13:17:21
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

In order to make use of two-factor authentication, you must enroll your device with the university.

Click here to enroll your device. (You will need your chosen device handy to complete this process.)

Detailed instructions for how to enroll your device can be found on the Duo web site.

Once your device is enrolled, when you attempt to access a secure system which requires two-factor authentication, a separate message will be sent to your device which must be confirmed.

The university strongly recommends that you enroll more than one device in this service. This way, if your device becomes lost, stolen, or reset to factory conditions you will be able to use a backup device to re-enroll the affected device.


If you need assistance enrolling your phone or to find more information about hardware tokens, please call the UT Service Desk at 512-475-9400




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