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TXShop: What options do departments have for managing faculty/staff licenses?

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Article Number : KB0011839
Published on : 2019-07-25
Last modified : 2019-07-25 22:08:04
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

ITS provides a secure online store for ordering and managing licenses. Each current license holder will receive important information and annual renewal notices by email that will direct them to MySDS, our online license management site. They can then use this site to download license codes, or as a launch pad to our online store, TXShop. There are several options that UT System departments have to manage these licenses.

  • Individual Option - Each faculty or staff member can receive and manage their own license purchases and renewals. They will log in with their own UT EID, receive updates and notices at their email address, and can purchase new or renewal licenses online in TXShop using departmental funds.

  • Departmental Option - In areas where a large number of faculty or staff are licensed through SDS, the department might prefer to centrally manage the licenses. The licenses for one or more faculty or staff members could be transferred to a single administrative contact. This contact would then receive all updates and notices to their email address and could purchase software online. They would then be responsible for disseminating important information to end-users and ensuring that software is installed in accordance with the total number of licenses that have been purchased.

Each department represents unique situations and may choose to employ any or all of the above options. If you are not sure of the best way to proceed, please contact Software Distribution and Sales before placing your order.




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