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TXShop: I need to pay by Purchase Order. How can I get an invoice (non-UT Austin only)?

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Article Number : KB0011834
Published on : 2022-03-31
Last modified : 2022-03-31 18:40:28
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Sometimes, departments are placed in a "Catch-22" situation where they need an invoice in order to generate a PO, but cannot get an invoice until they have completed their purchase using their PO number. In such cases, your best option is to add items to your cart and print the cart contents page. This page lists a summary of all items in your cart and a dollar amount at the bottom. There is no way for us to create any other sort of invoice for you.

If you absolutely must complete the TXShop order before you can issue a check or PO, you should enter a "temporary" check or PO number in TXShop (e.g. CXXX or POXXX) and complete your order. If you choose this route, your check or PO absolutely must reference the TXShop order number.

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