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Add RAM to a VM

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Article Number : KB0011597
Published on : 2022-02-21
Last modified : 2022-02-21 22:12:56
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Adding RAM to a Virtual Machine in UT-VMG -- requires VM shutdown/power-on

Changing  VM memory IMMEDIATELY (when you select OK)

  • Log into the UT-VMG interface (
  • Select the Deployments tab
  • Click on the deployment containing the VM you're wanting to reconfigure (VM name visible under the "Resource" column in the deployment)

  • ITS Systems > UT-VMG 2.0 - Add CPUs to a VM > image2016-8-15 12:8:21.png
  • Click on Reconfigure in the actions menu

  • Enter the new amount of Memory in MB for this VM
  • ITS provided blueprints/templates should support hot adding memory. If you would like to add memory without a reboot, choose the Execution tab and select Do not reboot for the Power Action.
    NOTE: reducing memory always requires Reboot.
  • The change will occur immediately after clicking Submit if the memory amount is below the approval threshold. If the requested amount of memory is greater than or equal to the approval level, the change will occur as soon as it is approved. (By default, approvers are the UT-VMG administrators but if you are using custom blueprints, there may be approvers in your department.)
  • Select Submit.  
  • If you chose to reboot, the VM will be shutdown, the VM memory will be reconfigured, and the VM will be powered back on. If you've selected Do not reboot for the Power Action, the memory will be reconfigured while the VM runs.

Scheduling a change in memory for a VM

  • To have this occur sometime in the FUTURE, e.g. during a maintenance window - use steps above for immediate change, but INSTEAD of selecting the Submit button, select the Execution tab...
  • Change "Execute request:" to Scheduled, then Enter the appropriate date/time for the Shutdown/Reconfiguration/Power-on to occur. 
  • Power action: should be set to Reboot unless you want to attempt hot adding memory. If you are adding memory and the VM supports it, you can choose Do not reboot. Reducing memory always requires a shutdown or power off.
  • Select the Submit button.
  • If you now go back to your VM list you will see that you've got a scheduled reconfiguration:
  • At the scheduled time, the VM will be shutdown via the Guest OS Shutdown, reconfigured, then powered back on. If you chose not to shut down, the memory will be increased while the VM is running. 
    Note: if the amount of memory is greater than the approval level, the request must be approved by the scheduled time. (By default, approvers are the UT-VMG administrators but if you are using custom blueprints, there may be approvers in your department.)

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