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Connecting to an FTP Server From the Command Line

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Article Number : KB0011319
Published on : 2020-06-29
Last modified : 2020-06-29 15:22:11
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

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To connect to the FTP server from your computer, open up a command prompt window and enter:

        ftp _ftpservername_

where ftpservername is the full name of the remote machine, e.g., ftp You may also connect using the IP address of the remote machine.

If the remote machine has been reached successfully, FTP responds by asking for a usernameand password.

FTP Login with an Account: If you have an account on the remote machine, enter your ownusername and password. You then will have access to your home directory on the remote machine where you can copy, delete and/or move files and directories to and from your local machine.

Anonymous FTP Login: When prompted for the username, you should enter the wordanonymous; when you are prompted for a password, you should type in your email address. Entering your email address allows the remote site to keep records of the anonymous FTP requests. Once logged in to the remote anonymous FTP server, you are able to view and to copy files and/or directories from the remote site to your local computer; you are not able to write to the remote machine or to delete any files there.

Once you have been logged in either with your own account or via anonymous ftp, the remote machine returns the prompt





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