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Installing new Outlook for Mac

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Article Number : KB0010986
Published on : 2016-12-19
Last modified : 2019-06-22 13:02:36
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Information on the new Outlook for Mac.

  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.9.3 or higher
  • Application: Outlook for Mac
  • Email Platform: Office365

Note: These instructions are intended for use by College/School/Unit (CSU) technical support staff. Individual users may lack the access needed to take all of the actions listed below or may need to do manual steps not outlined in this document to retain locally saved email, folders, or calendaring data. Please reach out to your CSU Technical Support Contact (TSC) or the ITS Help Desk with any questions or concerns.


Download and Installation

Note: We strongly recommend any previous versions of Outlook (Outlook: Mac 2011, Outlook for Mac Beta, etc.) be removed before proceeding with the installation to reduce the likelihood of errors during installation. However, if you decide to leave your previous version of Outlook on your machine please visit the Microsoft Help page for tips on how best run both simultaneously.

  1. Sign into the Office 365 Outlook Web App (
  2. In the upper-right corner of the browser window, click on the cogwheel (cog) and select Office 365 settings.
  3. Select Software and click on the link labeled Office.
  4. Under Get Outlook for Mac, click the Install button to begin the download:
  5. Once the download completes, double-click MacOutlook.dmg and open Microsoft Outlook.pkg from the resulting Finder window.
  6. Proceed with the installation wizard, paying careful attention to the available options and prompts.

Note: College/School/Unit (CSU) Technical Support Contacts (TSCs) may install Outlook for Mac on multiple computers with MacOutlook.dmg. However, each individual user will then need to run the activation steps below in order to verify their Office365 and ProPlus licenses.


Product Activation

The first time you run Outlook for Mac, you will be prompted to activate the application.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook from the Applications menu on the dock.
  2. In the Welcome To Outlook window click Next.
  3. Click Get started.
  4. Click Sign In.
  5. Enter the email address associated with your Office 365 mailbox and click Next.
  6. If prompted, select Work account.
  7. You will now be prompted to authenticate. Enter your UT EID and password and click Sign In to complete the activation process.
  8. During the activation process for new Outlook for Mac, you may be prompted to allow Autodiscover to re-configure your settings. Check the Always use my response for this server box and click Allow.
  9. You will be prompted to configure automatic updates for Outlook for Mac. Once you have completed your selection, click Continue.
  10. Activation is complete. Click Start Using Outlook to close the window.


Adding your Mailbox

For detailed instructions on adding your mailbox to Outlook for Mac, please see


Known Issues

At The University of Texas at Austin we have seen an authorization error during step 8 of the Product Activation process. If you see this please try these steps to remediate the issue:

  1. Make sure the correct EID and/or password.
  2. If you can activate the person on another machine, then we suspect that new Outlook for Mac on the machine displaying the error is corrupt and you should uninstall Outlook (all versions) and begin the process again from the beginning.
  3. If the above steps do not solve the issue Microsoft has published additional troubleshooting steps:

Microsoft’s Outlook for Mac known issues page has a full set of known issues with the product however not all of these have been experienced at UT Austin.




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