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How WorldSpace is Organized

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Article Number : KB0010967
Published on : 2019-09-24
Last modified : 2019-09-24 17:43:06
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


The top-level container in WorldSpace is the Organization. In our instance, there are three types of organizations:

  • Dean or Vice President Organizations: Colleges, schools and units map to top-level organizations as defined in the UT Organization chart.
  • Interdepartmental Organizations: These Organizations host projects for sites that do not appropriately fall under the purview of just one department or that may follow a reporting structure that is not reflected in the university’s organization chart.
  • UT Direct Organization: This is a temporary Organization to host scanning rules to be used by UT Direct Web publishers and developers and other sites behind authentication.



The second-level container in WorldSpace is the Project. In our instance, Projects map to one or more websites and are part of an Organization, which is the college, school or unit that is ultimately responsible for its upkeep.



Websites to be scanned are included in Projects. One Project can contain one or more related websites.




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