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Risk Assessment Services
AppReg Security-specific data about applications Self Help
Information Security Office Risk Assessment (ISORA) Campus-wide IT risk assessment tool Self Help
Senf (Sensitive Number Finder) Scan computers from sensitive data Self Help
Campus Security Systems Services
Campus Security Systems Services Building Access Control Systems (BACS) and property protection Self Help
Security Review Services
IT Security Consulting (Risk Management) Services ISO security consulting services Self Help
Selfscan - Self Serve Vulnerability Scanning Service Self Serve Vulnerability Scanning Service Self Help
UT Ready - Disaster Recovery Planning Disaster Recovery Planning Self Help
AntiVirus Services
Antivirus Software Antivirus protection software for university-owned computers Self Help
IT Security Policies and Compliance
Acceptable Use Policy Acknowledgement Form Complete the Acceptable Use Policy Acknowledgement form Self Help
IT Security Policies Information Security Policies Self Help
IT Security Reporting
Reporting a Stolen Device Report stolen or lost computers and devices Self Help
Security Exception Request Request an IT security exception (ISO) Self Help