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Software & Applications

Software & Applications

Software Services
Antivirus Software Antivirus protection software for university-owned computers Self Help
Apollo Developers can set up authorization schema profiles for applications Self Help
Campus Computer Store Hardware/software sales and services Self Help
Digital Certificates Signing and encrypting email and other documents Self Help
JavaMail Middleware application reads/forwards email content from mainframe to campus mail servers Self Help
jEdit-DMG Plugin Plugin to jEdit that allows access to UTDirect application source Self Help
MATLAB Algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis, and numerical computation Self Help
Microsoft Office Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Self Help
Microsoft Product Activation (Key Management Service) Activating Microsoft Products via KMS Self Help
MyUT Student portal web-based system Self Help
PDAParser Generates code in several different programming languages to access PDA of Natural modules Self Help
PDFGenerator Web service to generate PDF docs with values retrieved from Natural programs. Self Help
Protect Texas Together Self Help
Software Distribution and Sales (SDS) Software purchasing Self Help
Splunk Instantly search all data generated by applications, servers, and network devices Self Help
XML Gateway Allows client applications to call the mainframe broker using REST or SOAP Self Help
Document Management and Sharing
Enterprise Content Management Capture, store, and organize any type of data Self Help
SharePoint Microsoft storage and collaboration application Self Help
Enterprise Management
Active Directory Certificates Control access to IT services Self Help
Application Lifecycle Management Self Help
Endpoint Management Self Help
Enterprise Monitoring and Metrics Monitoring for individual devices Self Help
InCommon Certificates InCommon (Web Server) SSL Certificates Self Help
IT Maintenance Calendar Post IT maintenance events Self Help
Red Hat Network Satellite (RHNS) Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation media and patch management Self Help
Stache Share and store passwords, encryptions keys, personal identification numbers Self Help
UT Ready - Disaster Recovery Planning Disaster Recovery Planning Self Help
Vulnerability Management Program Vulnerability Scanning Service Self Help
Windows Deployment Services Unit and departmental Windows deployment for University owned machines Self Help
Windows Software Update Service Microsoft Windows and Office Updates Self Help
* DPUSER Mainframe application that supports a wide range of university applications and processes Self Help
*DEFINE Internals Mainframe user interface application Self Help
Adabas Software AG's database management system (DBMS) Self Help
Electronic Inbox Mainframe Electronic Inbox to access documents Self Help
Green Output Save digital Mainframe reports instead of printing Self Help
TID Printing Print Mainframe Reports to a campus based networked printer Self Help
TN3270 Broser-based terminal access Self Help
Business Applications
ServiceNow ServiceNow platform for University business Self Help