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Mail Relay Degradation

Mail Relay Degradation

RESOLVED: Stalled mail delivery from Cisco Cloud Email Security to some departmental mail servers

As a consequence of this morning's switch from on-premises IronPort email security appliances to Cisco Cloud Email Security, a small number of departmentally operated mail servers are not receiving mail. The ITS mail team has identified both the source of the problem and the mail servers affected by it, and is working with the departmental email administrators to correct it. No mail will be lost because of this problem. It is all queuing up on the CES email appliances, and will be delivered once the problem is corrected.

Latest Update: 2017-03-20 13:24:59 - Since there have been no further problems reported, we are closing this issue. We are still working with a few server owners, but the situation is stable and does not affect anyone outside the remaining affected servers.