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Domain Name System (DNS) Degradation

Domain Name System (DNS) Degradation

RESOLVED: DNS Resolver Service Disruption - 5/17

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, starting about 16:17:33, several DNS resolvers experienced a large increase in the number of queries received that resulted in a disruption to DNS resolution for hosts in UDC-C. As the UDC-C DNS resolvers were taken by offline by automated health monitoring processes, the problem was observed extending to some other DNS resolvers serving other parts of campus. Disruptions to DNS resolution for UDC-C hosts should have been resolved by about 16:22:17. Other hosts on campus (not just in UDC-C) may have experienced some degradation for DNS resolution starting at 16:23:13, if they were not properly configured to resolve to both and Those issues should have been resolved by about 16:35:18. Mitigation measures have been put into place to prevent recurrence. An outage analysis will be conducted and published.

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