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UT Service Desk




We are committed to educating and supporting our customers, and one another.

We are here to help! The Service Desk provides first-level technical support and connection to second-level technical support to the university community on various topics, including information technology, applications, and services. If you are not sure whom to ask for help, contact us 





Hours of Operation

In-Person        Mon - Fri         8 AM – 5 PM

Phone          Mon – Fri        6 AM – 9 PM
Sat – Sun       10 AM – 5 PM



Contact Us   

Phone    512 - 475 - 9400


  Online   Submit a Request

            In-Person  Flawn Academic Center


How Do I... 




  • UT Service Desk

    Click the 'Request' button to submit a ticket, or call 512-475-9400 to speak with an agent.

    Available to:Students,Faculty and Staff,Guest,Public

    Resolve, route, or refer incoming requests or incidents.


    Contacting the UT Service Desk is available at no cost.

    Service Level Objectives

    Definitions of our Key Metrics

    ASAAverage Speed to Answer queued customer calls, measured in seconds. Our service level objective is answering within 30 seconds.    

    ABD - Call Abandonment Rate, measured as a percentage of queued calls terminated by the customer before connecting with an agent.  Our service level objective is a maximum of 7% abandonment.  

    CCE - Composite Customer Experience is a percentage derived from aggregate survey responses on service quality, ease of interaction and potential for recommending our service to others.  Our objective for positive responses is 85%, or higher.   

    Please visit our UT Service Desk home for additional metrics and information.

    UT Service Desk Self Help
  • UT Service Desk - Onboard A Service

    Click the ‘Request’ button to provide the UT Service Desk with knowledge needed for supporting a service, product, college, school or unit (CSU).

    Available to:Faculty and Staff

    Resolve, route, or refer incoming requests or incidents.


    Onboarding costs may be incurred for larger projects.

    Service Level Objectives

    Please visit our UT Service Desk home for metrics and additional information.

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    Available to:Faculty and Staff,Students




    Service Level Objectives