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Campus Cable TV

Cable Television (CATV) for UT Austin Main Campus

Any desired location will need a coaxial cable connection, which can also be ordered, along with a digital cable ready television.  Departments, colleges, and offices use Campus Cable TV for educational and informational purposes in classrooms, public spaces, break rooms, and offices.


This is not the residential hall cable system.


Campus Cable Request Form - WORD

Cable Channel Lineup



More information:

*  All cable channels are now digital, with a number of popular channels available in High Definition (HD).  Televisions must be digital and HD capable to receive the channels.  Picture quality will be greatly improved over the former service active before September 2016.


*  Click the following link to download the channel lineup: Cable Channel Lineup

Because it includes premium content (e.g. HBO and Showtime), some customers may wish to block channels or activate “Parental Controls”.  Capabilities vary by television, and require you to consult the television manual or manufacturer.


*  Charges for the service will remain the same until ITS updates its CATV rate review with the Office of Accounting (new rate expected to become active by the end of the fall semester).


If you have questions, please contact us: or 512-471-9238.


Campus Cable TV Self Help
Getting Started
Service Management
  • Campus Cable TV

    ITS provides cable television (CATV) services on the main campus.  You must have a "digital cable ready" device and cable drop for the service.

    Available to:Faculty and Staff

    Campus CATV offers cable channels along with local programming, such as the State of the University Address and Commencement.  Channels are available to televise special events.  Use the Campus Cable Request Form to initiate this service.


    Campus Cable Lineup


    There is a maintenance fee of $274 per year ($22.83 per month) for each device connected to the campus broadband system.  Installation costs vary; refer to the cabling/wiring installation cost estimator.

    Note:  New rate, effective 1 September 2017, will be $275 ($22.92 per month).

    Service Level Objectives

    Routine requests are typically addressed within two business days.  

    Technical Support
    Technical support is available during regular working hours:
    M-F 0730 - 1600.  

    UT CATV Service   

    Direct Email