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Senf (Sensitive Number Finder)

Senf (Sensitive Number Finder)

The Information Security Office created the Senf client to assist end-users in quickly locating sensitive data (e.g., SSNs CCNs) on their systems.

Download: Senf (Sensitive Number Finder)


Note: This tool does not guarantee your computer is free of social security and credit card numbers. It simply reports files that contain numbers which look like they could pose a security threat.

  • SENF

    SENF (sensitive number finder) is a software program that allows users to quickly scan their computers for sensitive numbers. It is written in Java by The University of Texas at Austin Information Security Office (ISO), so it will run on most platforms.

    Available to:Faculty and Staff
    • Identifies files that may contain social security numbers (SSN)
    • Identifies files that may contain credit card numbers (CCN)
    • Developed and approved by ISO

    SENF was developed under a Creative Commons License, and is available at no cost as long as the conditions of the license are met. If you choose to redistribute SENF, you must provide correct attribution, as described on the ITS Copyright Notice page.

    Service Level Objectives

    This product is available as a free download.     


    This product is offered to: Students, Faculty, Staff, Departments at UT Austin, and Departments at UT System    

    Cost: Available at no cost as long as the conditions of the Creative Commons License are met.      

    Note: The Senf page contains detailed installation and operating instructions.