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  • WordPress for Texas

    WordPress for Texas (WFT) is a custom WordPress distribution provided by ITS for use on the Pantheon Web Hosting service. WFT includes a UT branded theme and the necessary components to enable users to log in to the WordPress administrative dashboard through the centralized authentication service, Enterprise Authentication.

    Available to:Faculty and Staff

    The following plugins/themes are included in the WFT upstream. 

    • Plugins
      • Akismet Anti-Spam
      • Genesis Responsive Slider
      • Hello Dolly
      • Native PHP Sessions for WordPress
      • Responsive Menu Pro
      • UTexas EID Authentication (SAML)
      • WP SAML Auth
      • WP-CFM
    • Themes
      • Genesis
      • UT WordPress

    WordPress for Texas is centrally funded. There is no charge for use of the WordPress for Texas software distribution itself; separate charges will apply based on the Pantheon Web Hosting plan selected for a site. See Pantheon Service Plans for more information.

    Service Level Objectives


    This document defines the service level agreement for "WordPress for Texas."

    Service description

    “WordPress for Texas" is a custom distribution of the Drupal web content management system. It is provided by ITS, and is intended to assist qualified software developers with tools to accelerate the process of building a UT-branded, public-facing Web presence.

    Intended Users

    "WordPress for Texas" can be used by faculty and staff, including student employees.

    This service does not include hosting or development support from ITS. It is intended for use by units with the required technical skills to install and maintain a WordPress website.

    Supported Computing Environment

    "WordPress for Texas" is only available for use on the Pantheon Web Hosting service.

    Technical Support

    Questions on installing and using WordPress for Texas can be submitted via email to, which will open a support ticket. Support is available during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm). Routine requests are typically addressed within three business days. 

    ITS does not offer formal support for general questions about WordPress site-building and configuration.


    "WordPress for Texas" is updated in alignment with the WordPress release schedule. Bugfixes or security issues may also necessitate out-of-cycle releases at any time.

    New releases are announced via email to the WordPress for Texas developers list and on the web at

    User Responsibilities

    Users of WordPress for Texas agree to comply with the following UT Austin standards and policies: