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Information Security Office Risk Assessment (ISORA)

Information Security Office Risk Assessment (ISORA)

As required by Texas state law, the ISORA application collects, analyzes and reports on specific data related to information security on campus. Gathering the necessary data requires participation from IT support staff across campus (and other delegates) to help collect the information and department heads to acknowledge the results after the online surveys are complete.

ISORA can be accessed via:


    The state and the university administration require the university to undergo an annual assessment of the university's information resources and measure the risk to those resources. The Information Security Office has developed a process for the university community to define the data stored on the information resources and then evaluate it. The data also provide a way to measure the campus risk profile over time.

    Available to:Faculty and Staff

    The core component of this process is the Information Security Office Risk Assessment (ISORA) Web application, which is designed to collect, analyze, and report on campus information resources risk data. Collecting this data requires campus-wide participation. Technical Support Coordinators (TSCs) are the core group who are responsible for providing information, and, if necessary, delegating the responsibility for providing information. Departmental heads are responsible for acknowledging the results once the TSCs and other delegates have completed their surveys.


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