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Personal Network Access (PNA)

The university provides a default data plan to all faculty, students, staff, official visitors, and certain affiliated workers intended to meet most academic and business needs. If that default allocation is consumed, Internet bandwidth for the individual will be limited to approximately 250 Kbps until the individual's weekly allocation is automatically reset. Individuals that need larger allocations can purchase an optional Internet data plan.


The default allocations are currently as follows:

  • Students: 1 GB/wk
  • Part-time staff: 10 GB/wk
  • Full-time staff: 500 GB/wk
  • Faculty: 2000 GB/wk
  • Teaching Assistants: 500 GB/wk
  • Major Fellowships: 500 GB/wk *
  • Official Visitors and Affiliated Workers: 500 GB/wk

* Qualifying major fellowships must be administered by the Graduate School Office and meet minimum funding thresholds


This approach was chosen because it aligns with the university’s core values and ensures:

  • basic academic needs are met
  • students are free to pursue their interests
  • students are not forced to subsidize other’s non-academic activities
  • the university remains net neutral (no distinction made based on content)
  • the university is not liable for student activities
  • the university has complied with the Higher Education Opportunity Act 2008 requirements


All users must abide by the university's Acceptable Use Policy.


Note: Students living the the university residence halls are not eligible for PNA Data Plans and must upgrade their Resnet subscription to increase their data allocation.


  • PNA Data Plan

    Individuals can purchase a subsidized data plan to augment their default Internet data allocation. Multiple tiers of service are available to accommodate different individual needs.

    Available to:Students,Faculty and Staff
    • Provides supplemental data plan on top of default Internet data allocation

    This cost of this service varies with the tier of data plan selected.

    Data PlanAllocationCost
    Tier 110 GB/wk$4.00 per semester
    Tier 250 GB/wk$7.00 per semester
    Tier 3200 GB/wk$8.00 per semester
    Tier 4500 GB/wk$10.00 per semester

    The above rates are effective from August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2018.

    Service Level Objectives

    Technical Support

    Technical support is available during university business hours - typically M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm (excluding university holidays). 

    Routine requests are typically addressed within one business day. UT Service Desk staff may escalate requests as needed.


    UT Service Desk    
    (512) 475-9400
    Create a Ticket
    Direct Email 


    Service Availability

    The PNA Data Plan subscription interface has an availability SLA of 99%.


    Maintenance and Incident Communications

    ITS will follow established maintenance and change management processes for this service.

    ITS will follow established incident communications processes for unplanned outages for this service.