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Campus Computer Labs

General Use Labs


NOTE: If you need to add or change a lab, please contact us.


University Libraries Perry-Castañeda Electronic Information Center

  • PCL 2.200 (512) 495-4291
  • Open to students, faculty, and staff with a UT Austin ID, for information services only.


Welch Lab

  • WEL 2.302, 2.306 (512) 232-9173
  • Open after 5 to students, faculty, and staff. During certain hours, restricted to Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Aerospace Engineering / Engineering Mechanics Learning Resource Center

  • WRW 205 (512) 471-4427
  • Open only to aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics students, faculty, staff, and enrollees in aerospace engineering or engineering mechanics courses.


Architecture Computer Laboratories

  • Sutton Hall
  • Labs function as teaching facilities and open-use computer workstation labs for students in the School of Architecture.


Art / Art History Computer Lab (ARTL)

  • Art 1.206 (512) 475-6117
  • Open only to studio art and visual art students.


Art / Art History Design Lab (DeSL)

  • Art 1.202 (512) 475-6129
  • Open only to design majors in the Department of Art and Art History.


Chemical Computer Facility

  • CPE 2.714, CPE 2.702
  • Open only to chemical engineering students with a UNIX account valid for the Chemical Engineering Computer Facility.


Civil Engineering Learning Resource Center

  • ECJ 3.300 (512) 471-4877
  • Open only to civil and architectural engineering students, faculty, staff, and enrollees in civil or architectural engineering courses.


College of Pharmacy Learning Resource Center

  • PHR 2.116 (512) 475-7600
  • Restricted to College of Pharmacy students.


Computer Science Lab


Digital Writing and Research Lab (CWRL)


Education Learning Technology Center

  • SZB 536 (512) 471-3254
  • Open only to education students and enrollees in education courses.


Geography Department Facilities

  • CLA 3rd Floor (512) 232-1595
  • Open only to geography students, faculty and staff; and enrollees in GRG classes.


Law Library Computer Learning Center

  • JON 3.220 (512) 232-1567
  • Open only to students enrolled in the UT School of Law.


LBJ School Computer Lab

  • SRH 3.262 (512) 471-0229
  • Open to LBJ School students, faculty, or staff with a proximity ID card.


Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services

  • MEZ 2.128 (512) 471-0407
  • First-come, first-served General-Use Lab available to all University of Texas at Austin students, faculty, and staff. For a complete listing of labs and their respective room locations, follow this link.


McCombs School of Business (MSB) Computer Labs

  • CBA 5.304, CBA 5.325GSB 4.112A (512) 232-6700
  • College of Business Administration/Graduate School of Business Computer Services computer labs are restricted to McCombs School of Business students, faculty and staff. For a listing of the several labs available, follow this link.


ME Technology and Educational Resources

  • ETC
  • Open only to mechanical engineering students.


MSB Multimedia Lab

  • CBA 1.343 (512) 232-6669
  • Open to McCombs School of Business students, faculty, and staff.


Psychology Computer Facilities

  • SEA
  • Locations in SEA and Animal Resources Center. Open only to psychology faculty, staff, and graduate students.


School of Information IT Lab

  • UTA 1.210 (512) 471-3991
  • Open only to School of Information students and enrollees in School of Information courses.


School of Nursing Learning Center

  • NUR 5.102 (512) 232-4773
  • Open to students, faculty, and staff of the School of Nursing and to other members of the Central Texas Health community.


Studio Classrooms

  • ECJ 2.210, ECJ 2.218 (512) 232-2486
  • Available (by reservation only) to anyone in the College of Engineering for classes, presentations, workshops, etc. Reservations are prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis.


Theater and Dance Lab

  • WIN 1.138 (512) 232-2601
  • Open only to theater and dance majors.


Transmedia Art Lab

  • ART 3.202 (512) 232-1877
  • Open only to students currently enrolled in Studio Art Transmedia Area courses.


Visualization Lab

  • ACE 2.404a (512) 232-4772
  • UT Faculty and researchers can apply for an allocation to use this high-performance, interactive computer visualization system for research projects with demanding visualization requirements. Students can apply through an advisor or researcher.