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Financial Accounting and Reporting

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) monitors all Education and General Funds, Designated Funds, Auxiliary Funds, Restricted Funds, and Agency Funds. FAR is responsible for maintaining a high level of understanding of the rules and regulations and providing technical assistance to the departments.

  • New Budget Group Creation

    Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) creates all new budget groups except for 26 accounts. (For 26 accounts, contact the Office of Sponsored Projects).

    New account request forms
    To have a new account or budget group created, first fill out the appropriate form:
    Forms listed with "*" are interactive PDF documents.

    Approval of forms
    All requests should be approved by the Dean's Office and then sent to the appropriate person for approval:
    14 accounts: Budget Office
    18 accounts**: Service Center Team
         **These must be accompanied by an approved Service Center Rate request
    19 accounts: Financial Accounting and Reporting
    20 accounts: Budget Office
    26 accounts: Consult the OSP/SPAA section regarding 26 accounts Office of Sponsored Projects
    29 accounts: Financial Accounting and Reporting
    30 accounts: Financial Accounting and Reporting
    32 accounts: Financial Accounting and Reporting
    36 accounts: Plant Manager
    41 accounts: Financial Accounting and Reporting

    Processing of forms
    After approval, the new budget group request is sent to FAR for processing. After the budget group is created in the accounting system, email messages are automatically sent to the unit head and to the electronic office manager for the unit code to which the budget group has been assigned. The original approval letter is sent to the accountant who oversees the account.

    FAR reviews and processes new budget group requests once a week. During peak periods processing occurs more frequently.

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