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Legacy Telecommunications Services

Legacy Telecommunications Services

Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)

Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) service is generally used where there are a group of agents regularly receiving a large quantity of incoming calls  which anyone in the group can handle.  UCDs provide the ability to assign “agents” to a particular phone number that are responsible for logging in on their phone sets to answer incoming calls to the designated UCD line. When an agent is logged into the UCD group, any calls coming into the assigned UCD line would ring to their phone sets. If all agents are busy or there are no agents logged in, the incoming caller receives a pre-designated call treatment (i.e. enter a queue until the next agent is available, be sent to a voice mail, or hear pre-recorded message).  This is most applicable for phone numbers that have very high volume calls  with multiple personnel responsible for answering those calls. There are additional monthly charges associated with this feature and service class is required to be Business for all UCD agents. Please see Costs section below for additional information on those charges.


Virtual Lines

Virtual lines do not appear on a set and may be used for routing or forwarding only. 


Physical (drypair) Circuits

These are point to point circuits that are not tied to a phone line.  Common uses are for Clock & Bell, Panic Buttons, Alarms,  Radios, Sprinklers, connecting equipment from one building to another, etc.


Carrier Circuits

Non-UT circuits that are extended on campus for departmental use, including phone lines, emergency back up lines, ISDN, T1s, etc.


  • UCD, Virtual, Physical (drypair) and Carrier circuits


    For moving, adding or changing a UCD or UCD Agent Access, Virtual line, Drypair (point to point) circuit and Carrier circuit, submit a Request.

    For billing questions, contact the Telephone Service Business Office at (512) 471-5800, or submit a Request.

    For technical assistance with UCD parameters, contact the Assignment Office at (512) 471-7800 or submit a Request.

    Available to:Faculty and Staff

    Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)

    • If all agents are busy, the caller can be placed in queue for the next available agent
    • Callers can hear a pre-recorded announcement(s) when entering the queue, or listen to the university's "on hold" music while in the queue if selected (additional charge for each department recorded announcements, with a maximum of 14 seconds per announcement)
    • Callers can be forwarded to a voice mail box (additional charge for a new mail box and virtual line) or to another phone when all attendants are busy, logged out, or when the queue is full
    • Callers can also hear a busy signal when all attendants are busy if no forwarding treatments are selected
    • Daily, weekly, or monthly email reports that include the number of incoming calls, number of calls answered, number of calls deflected (busy), and number of calls abandoned by caller are also available (additional charge)

    Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)

    Installation (one-time charge):$46.00
    Published UCD telephone number:$76.00 per month
    UCD Agent lines:Business Service required at $23.00 per month
    UCD Announcement (optional):Initial announcement included in installation fee.  Changes to Announcements require a Request submission and will be charged $46.
    Service Level Objectives


    Routine requests are typically addressed within one business day.  

    UT Service Desk staff may escalate requests as needed.


    Technical Support

    Technical support is available during normal business hours:

    M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  


    UT Service Desk    

    (512) 475-9400

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