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Connecting to ResNet: University Apartments (D21)

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Article Number : KB0019278
Published on : 2023-04-25
Last modified : 2023-04-25 16:47:03
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Follow the links below for instructions to register devices for the single wired gigabit Ethernet port provided in each unit:
ResNet is installing Wi-Fi for D21 through August 2023.  Residents are asked to deactivate Wi-Fi on any routers they may have installed when their apartment is converted to avoid interference.  Wi-Fi devices will need to be configured for to utexas or utexas-iot.
Multi-occupancy apartments may utilize a switch on the single Ethernet port provided to share that port and enable each resident to register their device to their EID and not be liable for another resident’s activities. ResNet has tested this switch with its system.  Note: Routers will not provide that separation, although residents may register their different individual routers on different ports of a switch to maintain that separation.
Important note for apartment occupants regarding Spectrum Wi-Fi:
  • The Spectrum Wi-Fi service will still be in service due to contractual obligations.
  • Only Spectrum employees or vendors (e.g. not UT staff nor students) can remove Spectrum equipment without financial penalty.
  • ITS Networking and UHD recommends that you avoid using the Spectrum Wi-Fi as the 'utexas' Wi-Fi should provide better overall customer experience.


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