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Known issue: Problem creating new sites using a custom upstream from the Pantheon "new dashboard"

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Article Number : KB0019168
Published on : 2023-09-25
Last modified : 2023-09-25 18:29:15
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

In Summer 2022, Pantheon launched their a new default interface the Pantheon developer dashboard at This is referred to by Pantheon as the "new dashboard."

Due to permissions changes, the "Create new site" interface on the new dashboard does not allow developers to select one of the custom upstreams maintained by ITS when creating a new site.

The ITS-maintained custom upstreams which are not visible from the dashboard interface are:

  • UT Drupal Kit 3
  • WordPress for Texas

This issue does not impact developers creating new sites using the "core" Pantheon upstreams for Drupal and WordPress.

Until this issue can be resolved, there are three available workarounds for developers needing to create a new site from one of the ITS-maintained custom upstreams.

Option 1 - Use the direct URL for each custom upstream

Instead of using the "Create new site" button in the Pantheon dashboard, authorized developers can access a direct URL which automatically selects the desired organization and custom upstream for a new site:

Using the direct URL for the custom upstream also automatically selects "University of Texas at Austin" as the organization for the new site.

Option 2 - Switch back to the legacy dashboard

Under the legacy dashboard, access to the custom upstreams is still available when using the "Create new site" button or going directly to

Developers can revert back to the legacy dashboard experience as their default by going to and turning off the toggle labeled "Go to the new dashboard by default."


Option 3 - Create the site using Terminus

As an alternative to the Pantheon Dashboard web interface, the terminus CLI tool can be used to create new sites using the custom upstreams.

Documentation for the terminus site:create command is available at

Note that the terminus site:create command requires parameters for the upstream ID as well as the machine name for the desired organization.

The machine name for the University of Texas at Austin organization is university-of-texas-at-austin.

The upstream IDs for the ITS-maintained custom upstreams are:

  • UT Drupal Kit 3 - f0de5643-e2ce-4614-8fc0-c555634219bc
  • WordPress for Texas - 7f2c1957-5ee6-48ed-bf1a-59014aefed66

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