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How to download and install the Office Suite

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Article Number : KB0019090
Published on : 2022-06-06
Last modified : 2022-06-06 13:28:22
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

  1. in a web browser, navigate to , click 'Office 365 Portal' and sign in with your UT EID and password. You may also see a DUO second factor authentication prompt
  2.  You will be re-directed to Microsoft Office Home and you should see an 'Install Office' link near the top right of the page, download the correct version for your operating system
  3.  Install the application and activate Office by logging into either Word, Excel, or PowerPoint with your UT Microsoft 365 Exchange email address or UT EID and password. Prior to authentication, you will be asked to sign in with a Microsoft account -- for this step when you enter an,, or address, you will be re-directed to our sign-in portal. Here you can enter your UT EID and password

    *Note: Microsoft 365 services are blocked on the Guest network. You must be on the Utexas' wifi in order to sign in to Microsoft 365

    Microsoft provides installation and activation instructions for Windows and Mac:

    Be sure to follow instructions for activating office with a Work or School account. as opposed to a personal Microsoft account

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