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ID Card Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Article Number : KB0018954
Published on : 2023-04-25
Last modified : 2023-04-25 16:48:10
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Table of Contents

UT EID Upgrade

Online Photo Submission

UT ID Cards

Chosen Name

Other Common Questions



UT EID Upgrade

What does an EID upgrade do?

Having an EID Upgrade means your identity has been verified with a valid form of government ID and you have given your UT EID legal signature authority. 

This upgrade allows you to conduct university business online and gives you access to more university secure websites. It is important to upgrade your EID as soon as you are eligible. 


Where do I upgrade my EID? 

You are able to use one of the following methods to upgrade your EID: 


Do I need to bring my parent or guardian to get my EID upgraded if I under 18? 

No, as of Fall 2021 you are no longer required to bring a parent or guardian to be able to get your EID upgraded. 


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Online Photo Submission:

Can I change my photo submission after it has been approved? 

There is not the option to submit a new photo once you already have an approved photo saved in the application. If you would like a new photo, you should visit In-Person Services to take one in person. 

There will be a $10 replacement fee for the ID Card.   


Why was my photo rejected?  

All submitted photos should meet the requirements listed on our service page. When a photo is rejected the reason(s) will be stated in the email sent to you, please review them and make any necessary changes when submitting a new photo.  


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UT ID Cards:

Can I have my ID Card mailed to me? 

No UT ID Cards can be mailed. When obtaining an ID Card, we require a valid government issued ID to be verified since ID Cards contain identifiable information. To maintain safety for all UT affiliates and avoid any security risks, no UT ID Cards can be mailed.


Do I need my UT ID Card to start classes? 

No, UT ID Cards are not a requirement to begin classes. However, it is recommended to upgrade your EID before you begin classes. 


What do I do if my UT ID Card stopped working on CapMetro? 

If your UT ID Card stopped working on CapMetro, please visit In-Person Services so we can troubleshoot what the issue may be.


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Chosen Name:

How do I set my chosen name to be printed on my UT ID Card? 

Effective Fall 2021 designated chosen names will be automatically printed on UT ID Cards. You can visit One's Stop Student records website to designate a chosen name.


How do I use the Online EID Upgrade Application if my chosen name does not match the name on my valid government issued ID? 

Please visit In-Person Services if you are unable to complete the online process, or contact us at 


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Other Common Questions

How do I find my UT EID?

How do I pay for my ID Card? 

How do I add funds to my ID Card?

What are the valid forms of identification for ID Cards?

What do I do if I lost my ID Card or found an ID Card?


If you have additional questions, please contact the Service Desk at 512-475-9400 or visit In-Person Services at the Flawn Academic Center.


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