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Outlook Calendaring: Getting Started

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Article Number : KB0018771
Published on : 2022-08-11
Last modified : 2022-08-11 19:27:05
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help



Table of Contents

How Do I Set Up Meetings and Appointments in Outlook?

Request a Shared Mailbox

How Do I Manage Out of Office Requests Using a Resource Calendar?





How Do I Set Up Meetings and Appointments in Outlook?

To set up an appointment or a meeting in your Outlook Calendar, please follow the instructions below.

Create Meetings and Appointments Using Outlook


1. Appointments are just for you.


2. Meetings are to invite people to.



3. In your calendar, select New Meeting.


4. Add a title to your meeting and the attendees. 


5. Pick a time for your meeting using the calendar in your meeting invite or the scheduling assistant.


6. If using the calendar tool in the meeting invite, choose your desired date, start time, and end time. 

7. If using the scheduling assistant, begin by selecting an open spot.


8. Or use AutoPick to find an opening.


9. You can add a location for your meeting.



10. You can also add a Teams meeting link to your invite.


11. Add meeting notes or an agenda if desired. 


12. When you're ready, select Send.


13. Your meeting will then appear in your calendar.


Looking for more information on setting up meetings and appointments in Outlook?

Check out this video by Microsoft for a how-to walkthrough.


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Request a Shared Mailbox

A Shared Mailbox is sometimes referred to as a Resource Mailbox. A Shared Mailbox can be assigned to a department or group. It can be used to:

  • Represent a department (e.g. ITS Service Desk)
  • Represent a project or program (e.g. Bevo Party Planning)
  • Represent a resource (e.g. to allow people to reserve meeting rooms)

To create a Shared Mailbox, contact the UT Service Desk with the following information:

  • Display name and preferred email address of the account
  • Names and EIDs of the users who will have access to the account
  • Intended use of the mailbox (room reservations, shared calendar, shared mailbox, etc.)
  • Any requests for special calendaring options (e.g. automatic acceptance of calendar invitations and allowance of conflicting meetings)


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How Do I Manage Out of Office Requests Using a Resource Calendar?


Manage Out of Office Requests Using a Resource Calendar

1. Vacation leave can be requested and tracked via a Shared Mailbox.

2. For assistance creating a Shared Mailbox, please see Request a Shared Mailbox.

3. Once your shared mailbox has been created, it should automatically display in your Folder pane in Outlook.


4. Your employees can submit out of office time by creating a meeting in their calendar and inviting the designated shared mailbox (Ex.


5. Calendar invites can be approved automatically or manually. This setting is determined when your shared mailbox is created. 


6. If you desire to manually approve employee time off, calendar invites will appear in the inbox of your shared mailbox where you can accept the out of office request and track it via your shared mailbox calendar. Automatic approvals will appear on your shared mailbox calendar with no additional steps required. 



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