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Connecting to ResNet: Wireless networks

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Article Number : KB0018393
Published on : 2023-04-23
Last modified : 2023-04-23 20:00:27
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

ResNet utilizes the same wireless network as the rest of campus. Common knowledge articles are:

For those users who have used other wireless services such as Spectrum, TWC, AT&T, Boingo, Elauwit, etc, you should make sure that 'utexas' has higher priority than these legacy SSIDs, or disconnect entirely following the same instructions as for 'utguest' above. For example, once 'utexas' is available in their units, those occupants of D21 will need to adjust and/or remove any "Spectrum" Wi-Fi networks from laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. 


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