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Sending Links without Tracking

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Article Number : KB0018359
Published on : 2022-03-07
Last modified : 2022-03-07 16:33:50
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

When you use a link in an email, Emma will automatically convert your link into a tracking link that's different for every user, so that Emma can see who's clicking which links in emails and provide response metrics to you later. For instance, maybe you link to in your campaign, but it comes out as in the message. When a user clicks on it, they'll still arrive at, but only after being redirected by Emma's servers.

This is great if you want to track links, but it's in tension with the University's anti-phishing campaign, which teaches employees to only click on links where they recognize the address. Some employees, especially if they're not familiar with Emma, will avoid clicking any such links. Thus if you have a link that is important for employees to visit, and you're not worried about seeing response metrics based on it later (or building a segment of people who did or did not click the link), you might want to turn off the link tracking so that recipients will get the regular link.

This is possible to accomplish in Emma, but you'll need to edit the HTML. To start, add links like you normally would, by clicking the link button. Once they're set up, click somewhere in the text box that contains the link, then click the code button in the toolbar. 

You'll be shown the raw HTML of the text box. It's ugly, but what you want to do is find your link. It will be written like this: <a href="mylink" ...>

Once you've found it, add this after the link: no_track="1"

That's it! Hit Save, and proceed with making your campaign as you normally would. Make sure to send yourself a test and verify that the link comes through without being converted.

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